11. November 2020

Finding Bottlenecks in Complex Systems

Markus Hippeli

The speed of a system is determined by its smallest bottleneck - so far that's common knowledge. Actually finding that bottleneck can be surprisingly difficult, the more in complex systems where the bottleneck is not obvious.

Our colleague Olga hit the problem, once more unpacked her maths skills and found a solution that is as elegant as it is universally applicable: Using Graph Theory leads you directly to the bottlenecks in your system (including the smallest one) and not only does this work reliably - it is also easier than you might think (as Olga has done all the thinking and you only need to apply it).

Two years ago she received standing ovations at LKCE for her talk about forecasting in complex systems using Markov Chains - now she did it again: She presented her actual findings at Kanban Community Days 2020 and again left the audience open-mouthed. Due to popular demand we release the slides of the talk here for download. They are pretty much self explaining - if you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch. If you apply it to your systems we would love to hear from you on how it went! Have fun with maths!

Markus Hippeli
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