Delegation Poker Cards (English Version)


  • Delegation Poker Cards in metal box
  • Instructions how to play Delegation Poker
  • Cards for 3 players
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Delegation Poker is an easy but very helpful tool. It’s all about delegation of responsibility. There are more possibilities than yes or no. Responsibility can vary between people or related to tasks. Therefore it is important to be clear and explicit to avoid misunderstandings.

In this little metal box you will get 3 sets of Delegation Poker Cards. The person who has to delegate something explains the project. Then she/he and the team members decide privately about what level of delegation they rate appropriate: from 1 = „announce“ to 7 = „fully delegated“.

You will find instructions inside the box. Delegation Poker is also useful for discussing und adjusting the level of delegation for running tasks and to set up a Delegation Board.

Delegation Poker is an idea of Management 3.0.


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