Kanban Basics Knowhow Cards - English Version


  • 25 Knowhow cards "Kanban Basic"
  • Description of the basic principles of Lean Kanban 
  • Description of the core practices
  • Room for individual notes
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Kanban as a method originated in the Toyota production system.

"Lean" is a methodical approach which identifies and reduces waste. Processes are made leaner.

Lean Kanban considers the entire system with a focus on delivering services. The goal is increasing flow efficiency and creating a balance between throughput and demand. It is highly flexible and extremely adaptable. This makes it remarkably well-suited for use with every kind of project and workflow, as well as for development and change management at an organizational level.

The Leanovate “Kanban Basics” are a quick reference for Lean Kanban fundamentals. Always close at hand, you will get an overview of the most important elements, tips and tricks for everyday which are based on Leanovate‘s years of experience. Use it as notes and reference - the design makes it especially easy.

You will find input e.g. for
- the Basic Principles of Lean Kanban
- the six Core Practices
- hands-on tips and tricks

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