Lean Change Management

Adaptability is a principle of survival in order to be able to react quickly and sustainably to changes. This also applies to organizations and companies - in short: Those who do not adapt or do not adapt fast enough will die. Therefore, change competence is one of the key competences of the future, in which it is worthwhile to invest. A failed or delayed change management usually leads to disappointment and frustration of the employees and thus causes also economic (!) damage. Lean change management is a procedure in which rapid feedback is used to record the reaction of those involved in a change and integrate it into the further process - thereby changing the focus from "managing change" to "dealing with the reaction that people show to change".

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How does this training class help me?

As innovation and disruption continue to increase, more and more organizations are looking for how to change faster to remain competitive. Many of those organizations are looking at Agile as a new way of working. Good approach. However, they often implement a new way of working top-down, and with an outdated change management approach. This 2-Day Lean Change Management Workshop is designed to show you how to use modern change management techniques to facilitate change.

Lean Change Management is a modern approach that takes ideas from Lean Startup, Agile, Organizational Development, and Change Management to help you figure out the best approach to the change you’re faced with. Change is not just about tools; it is about understanding people, communication, create a vision, and many other things. During the workshop, we talk about all the important topics of a change.

Why should you attend?

Learn about: Understand how to apply modern techniques to Change Management, how to use techniques from Agile and Lean within your existing Change Management framework. How to reframe resistance to change to respond to change. Learn about tools like Impact Matrix and Impact Bubbles. How to modernize your change management practices. Combine ideas from Lean Startup, Management 3.0, Agile, Organizational Design, and Human Resources to develop your contextual change framework. Alternatives to ROI and project management thinking. How to use light-weight planning and measurement tools such as Change Canvases, OKRs, Vision Canvases, and more. 



This is not the traditional training where we try to kill you with 824 slides! Lean Change Management Workshops are highly interactive! We don’t ask any rhetoric questions. The more you discuss, the more valuable the workshop will be. We used the concept of Teaching from the back of the Room while designing this workshop. We combine your experiences, with theory, exercises, and a debrief moment.

There will be no slide decks or PowerPoint! 


Day One 

  • Introduction: Why are you here? What is the ultimate question you hope to have answered? 
  • Foundation: What is Change? Why is the world Changing faster, and why do you need to keep up? The world has changed, VUCA or Cynefin… models that describe the new world. How does this impact your change? 
  • Lean Change Management: Which existing change frameworks are out there, what can we learn from them? What is Lean Change Management, and how is it similar, and different, to how you approach change today? 
  • People: Experience how people perceive change. How can you learn about what motivates people? We believe that people always can be motivated for a change. Different emotional models, what happens to people when change occurs? What kind of people do you have in your organization, learn how they can help or sabotage your change. 
  • Vision: Change always starts with a vision. Learn how to set up a good vision. Apply the Vision Canvas. 
  • Insights: Learn how to gather insights; what is the current temperature of your organization? 
  • Options: Discover which people, teams but also processes are impacted by your change. How are you going to help them? 

Day Two

  • Options: Play the Change Management Game to review your options and discover more ways to speed up your change. Start developing your Change plan, learn about the different Change canvasses and experience which one works best for you 
  • Experiments: Learn about 12 guidelines to measure the impact of your experiments. How to define Objectives in a way it does support your change and a new way of working? Discover the Hypothesis Template that you can use to start defining your first experiments. Learn about a tool to identify the impact of your experiments in the current culture of the organization. What to celebrate failure or success? Learn about the celebration grid 
  • Impact bubbles: how to identify the actors in your organization that you need to help with the change 
  • Lessons Learned: What are the common pitfalls for every change? 
  • Your Change Framework: We’ll take the learning from both days and discuss what your change framework could look like, and you’ll answer your questions that were created at the beginning of Day one. 


The workshop is for people who would like to drive a change in their organization. People who often attend the workshop are: Scrum Master, Project Manager, Middle Managers, Senior Team Leads, Directors, and Change Agents. Everyone can make a change, not just the manager. We believe everyone is responsible for contributing to a change!


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Ralph van Roosmalen

Ralph van Roosmalen is an international experienced Lean Change Management and Management 3.0 facilitator. He was the first person publishing a book on Management 3.0, besides Jurgen Appelo. He is also creating regularly new content for Management 3.0 and Lean Change Management Workshops. Ralph shares his insights on Management 3.0 and leadership regularly via his blog and international conferences. 

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