Meetup: Scala User Group Berlin-Brandenburg

Mo 27.02.2017 (18:45 - 22:00 Uhr)

Hi everybody and welcome!
The Scala User Group Berlin-Brandenburg will be our guest.

Mini-meetup „Bring your own code!“

Hi Scalaties,

let’s meet in February, with „Bring your own code!“

One group will shortly present an application with the front-end  in Ionic+Angular+Cordova and the backend with Scala, Play und Slick:

After that, participants are invited to discuss the architecture of the application, experiment with the code, refactor it, try new ideas…

If you also want to bring some code to share, to discuss, please do not hesitate.

In general: the mini-meetups are focused on discussions and talks opened for everyone. This is a great opportunity to present your work, an experimentation, a crazy idea you have, a library you have used…

If you want to talk, please submit your idea.

Otherwise, please share what are your interests, what are your difficulties or what would be interesting to talk about.


Leanovate is happy to provide food and beverages. Please sign in and get to know more about this event on meetup.


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