Play! Meetup, Berlin

Di 19.01.2016 (19:00 - 22:00 Uhr)

Herzlich willkommen!

Die Play! User Group Berlin-Brandenburg ist im Januar wieder zu Gast bei uns.

Hermann will talk about „many-to-many relationship with Slick“:

After a short introduction to Slick as a reactive interface for relational databases I will present an example showing the implementation of a many-to-many relationship with Slick in Scala.

The talk comprises the following sub topics:
– Short Intro to Slick
– Why is it reactive?
– What is FRM (functional relational mapping)?
– Many-to-many table definitions with Slick in Scala
– Ensuring referential integrity
– Using case class mapping for the tables
– Adding and deleting relationships
– Traversing the many-to-many relationship in queries

Den direkten Link zur Veranstaltung findest Du bei meetup.



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