Meetup: Scala User Group Berlin-Brandenburg

Do 28.04.2016 (19:00 - 22:00 Uhr)

Hi everybody and welcome!
The Scala User Group Berlin-Brandenburg will be our guest in on April 28.

This is the first „mini Scala Meetup“, the „migrated“ Play-Meetup.


In the Play-Meetup, we noticed that almost all topics were about Scala, so we decided to merge the Play Meetup into the Scala Meetup.


During the last Play Meetup, we start talking about Akka-Streams. This time, Daniel Jentsch will present Akka-Streams more in details.


Leanovate is happy to provide food and beverages. Please sign in and get to know more about this event on meetup.


leanovate GmbH, Berlin
Blücherstr. 22, 10961 Berlin

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