Tech Talk: Micro-Service as a Maze – Hunting bugs in distributed systems

Di 09.09.2014 (19:00 - 21:00 Uhr)

Micro-Services is the brand new buzzword for scalable and high available systems. This architecture delivers multiple solutions to the problems of the latest websites . But it comes with a drawback: one has to debug distributed systems when the bug has also a distributed character. Bodo and York will explain strategies and tools used to hunt these down.

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York Xylander & Bodo Junglas



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Tech Talk, 9th September 2014, 7pm 

To get a common understanding of the problem area they will also discuss differences, benefits and pitfalls of some commonly used collaboration strategies to exchange data between services. On top of that they will give us a clue on which layers the services will be connected to archive the earlier mentioned collaboration: top level in the web browser or perhaps below. These different strategies have also an impact to the troubleshooting, so we want to know the consequences of some approaches.

Speaker: York Xylander & Bodo Junglas

Location: Leanovate GmbH, Blücherstr. 22, 10961 Berlin


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