19. Februar 2014

June 27, 2014: Management Workout - Workshop with Jurgen Appelo @leanovate

Katrin Sauer

In his book "Management 3.0", Jurgen Appelo developed a guideline for modern Management, shifting away from "Command and Control", and towards a trust-based, lateral style of leadership.
His new book "Management Workout" (only a working title) will be published in May. Here, Appelo designs "workouts": real practical exercises and tools dealing with various topics of Management 3.0.
He will introduce these exercises in his Berlin workshop at Leanovate. And yes: the workshop is guaranteed to be interactive!

What exactly will the workshop be about?

management-workout"Trust the employees" or "Be a servant leader" are demands placed on a modern manager. Easier said than done! How can I implement this in practice – tomorrow morning, when I’m back at work?
Appelo’s new "Workout" offers solutions. With concepts like the "Feedback Wrap", the "Delegation Boards", the "Kudos-Box" or the "Yay-Questions", Appelo provides managers with actionable tools that can be implemented and used fuss-free.
His new book will be published in May. Berlin is one of the stations of Appelo’s global book-tour (And how could it not be? ). Here, he will conduct a one-day workshop at Leanovate.
The workshop itself will be organized according to the new approaches he advocates. For example: The participants themselves will decide which Management 3.0 topics should be discussed. By using newly-developed games and exercises, participants will gain immediate practical experience in applying these principles.
So come and join us!


Date: Friday June 27, 2014

  • Early-Bird (until April 26, 2014): 690 €
  • Standard: 790 €

Discount: 20% off of the total for registering 3 or more people (but only when invoiced through the same organization).
Workshop language: English


You need to register via the Management 3.0 website:

Discussions / additional information:

And in the spirit of modern management, Appelo will also be delegating aspects of his workshop. We participants and hosts can discuss and collectively decide what the post-workshop social event should look like, what food we should organize, etc. We have created a discussion forum on Xing to facilitate the discussion.
Xing: https://www.xing.com/net/pri1f1a51x/berlean

Slides, photos, etc.

Additional information about participants, pictures and slides of and for the event will be posted here:

And we will keep you up-to-date on twitter (how could we not?)
Follow Management 3.0 on Twitter: @Management30
Follow Leanovate on Twitter: @leanovateBerlin
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